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- Judeo-Christianity vs Modern-Day Religion -
The distinction between Judeo-Christianity and all Modern-Day systems of religion consists largely in this; that in all religions, men are found seeking after God, while in Biblical Christianity, God is seeking after men.{Thomas Arnold, Literature and Dogma}
There are many religions in the world, but only one Christianity. For only Christianity has a God who gave himself for mankind. World religions attempt to reach up to God; Christianity is God reaching down to man.{Billy Graham}
The Christian Faith is different than all the world’s religions. They are the story of man’s search for God. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the story of God’s search for man.{Dewi Morgan}
Christianity is God reaching down to humanity. Other religions are a matter of men and women seeking and struggling toward God.
{Luis Palau}
Only Judeo-Christianity contains worship of an Infinite Personal Being. The Christian Faith is distinctive in that God can only be known as a personal God, as revealed by The Holy Scriptures.
{Francis Schaeffer}
In religion outside of Christianity, man cannot normally reach to an experience of God except in a vague and often nameless way.
{Edward Schillebeeckx}
Christianity’s claim to uniqueness is not of a system, a denomination, or a church; but in Jesus Christ alone. It is the uniqueness of Jesus Christ and his finality, that we alone defend.{John R. W. Stott}
Every religion except Christianity puts upon you doing something in order to recommend yourself to God. It is only the Christian Faith which was not sold out to us on certain conditions to be fulfilled by ourselves.{Augustus Toplady}
Biblical Christianity is not primarily a theological system, an ethical system, a ritual system, a social system or an ecclesiastical system—it is a person - It is Jesus Christ. And to be a Christian is to believe in Him - to know Him - to love Him - and to follow Him.{John R. W. Stott}
Since it’s inception in AD 33, The Upper Room Book of Acts Church of Jerusalem has been alive and doctrinally intact in every century until this moment. The Church of The Lord Jesus Christ has never died, it has never ceased to function, and it has never digressed to become something else. The foundation of the Apostolic Judaic Church has always been Monotheistic Christianity - and nothing else.
Apostolic doctrine did not evolve from, nor is it an extension of Catholicism or Protestantism. Whenever the twelve Apostles legally, by Divine command, established Acts 2:38 as the exclusive plan of salvation, they fully understood that it was to endure for all time. New Covenant ecclesiology has always been separate and distinct from any nominal religion that has rejected Apostolic doctrinal tenets.
The out-pouring of the Holy Ghost has been consistent and continual ever since the Day of Pentecost. History is replete with countless individuals through-out the world in every dispensation of time who have experienced and received this supernatural Gift From God. Evidence of this “Spirit Baptism” was seen during the era of The Great Awakening, The Reformation, and The Latter Rain Movement, just to name a few.
Scores of books have been written about this phenomenon and the millions of souls who have received their personal “Pentecost” as a result of their faith and obedience to The Holy Scriptures. Throughout these twenty centuries, God has sent copious showers of His Holy Spirit in order to reconfirm that the Apostolic fires were not extinguished at the death of the Apostles. “They continued steadfastly in the Apostles’ doctrine…..Neither is there salvation in any other name…..Many were hardened and spoke evil of THAT WAY…..There was no small stir about THAT WAY…..I worship God after THE WAY they call heresy.” {Acts 2:42 , 4:12 , 19:9, 23 , 24:14}
Many historians and theologians have either deleted or distorted history as it relates to Apostolic Pentecostalism, so as to fit their own personal doctrinal positions. Their revisionism has resulted in gross ignorance of this grand and glorious experience. History that is biased is always inaccurate. Protestant Pentecostalism and Apostolic Pentecostalism are two entirely different theologies, as the fires of persecution has proven. However; during the last century, the true story of Apostolic Pentecostalism is finally being told, due to the unwavering commitment of consecrated Apostolics and the advent of modern technology and communication.
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